Junior Journalists

Junior Journalists meet every Monday after school with Mrs Milnes and Mrs Hearle. The club encourages the children to keep an eye on the news and find an article each week which has particularly interested them. They talk to the group about their chosen article and discuss why they chose it.

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The journalists also find out where news is coming from, using atlases, globes, maps and the internet as well as learning about the weather. A school weather station is created, with the children making rain gauges and weekly readings are taken. Weather reports are viewed on the internet and the children begin to understand weather symbols and phenomenons.

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Each week the children watch the latest news on BBC Newsround and their knowledge is tested as they take part in the 'Quiz of the Week'.

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This year we have been fortunate enough to receive a subscription to 'First News' due to the generosity of the Westholme Association. First News is a weekly newspaper for young people which has been voted 'National newspaper of the year'.

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