Looking After Your Child

At the Junior School we believe that a child who feels happy and secure is one who makes considerable progress and grows in confidence during their formative years.

Form teachers get to know their pupils very well and are able to address their individual concerns and needs. All the staff are available to help any child with a problem and the children feel confident about talking to adults, knowing they will be treated with sympathy and respect.

The staff are always happy to talk to parents, either informally in the playground at the end of the day or by appointment. Any concerns will be swiftly dealt with and resolved. Likewise, the school will contact parents if they are worried about their child. Having said that, there are very few issues and the children are very happy in school. They are friendly, kind, considerate and very supportive of one another. They take pleasure in and celebrate each other's successes and enjoy team work. Year 6 Prefects take an active role in duties around the school and House Captains and Vice Captains organise activities for pupils in their House. At lunch time family dining, with one child from each class around a table, provides a lovely opportunity for girls to get to know children from other classes.

There is a delightful and happy atmosphere at Westholme Junior School, which is a real benefit to every child that attends our school. They learn to grow, trust and support one another in a positive environment.

The School Nurse

The school nurse, Miss Fielding, is a regular visitor to the Junior School. She runs first aid training sessions for the older pupils and is always on hand if there are any medical concerns. The school secretary, Mrs Holden is also first aid trained and is excellent at looking after the children when they are unwell.


The lunches at the Junior School are excellent! We have our own kitchen, providing traditional, home-cooked menus on site daily. All the children have a school lunch and love the huge variety of dishes on offer. Each day there is a choice of soups, sandwiches or wraps, a large salad bar, jacket potatoes, pasta and sauce and of course a full cooked lunch with accompaniments and vegetarian option too. To finish there are always hot or cold desserts and lots of fresh fruit. All our ingredients are of a high quality and sourced locally and we are able to cater for a variety of specific dietary requirements.

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