Friday, 16 March 2018 09:40

British Science Week 2018

At Westholme we are extremely enthusiastic about British Science Week and like to plan an exciting range of lunchtime activities, lectures and experiments for our students. These sessions allow the students to explore the world of science and engineering in a fun and engaging context.

   IMG 3216  IMG 3228

During Monday lunchtime the students were in the Biology Labs making origami DNA models from coloured card and on Tuesday, in the Physics Department, we were treated to a visit by Professor Ward-Thompson and his lecture on the subject of the surface of the sun and magnetic fields in space. The sessions proved very popular and there was a lively Q&A to round it off.

 IMG 3295  IMG 3312

On Wednesday lunchtime, once again in the Biology Department, the students made DNA models using coloured beads to represent the different bases in the DNA molecule, whilst in the Theatre the physicists tested the theory of flight with paper airplanes.

 IMG 3447

Planting pumpkin seeds was our Thursday lunch and Friday Junior Science club activity. The students will be competing with each other to grow the largest pumpkin and keep us updated on their progress, by sending us photos of their plants at regular intervals. The students also had a go at making lava lamps in a test tube using water, oil, food colouring and salt. 

 IMG 3451  IMG 3454

Also on Thursday, we held the ever popular ‘Mentos’ challenge, which always draws a large crowd. Students try to create an explosive reaction by dropping the sweets into bottles of fizzy pop to produce a fizzing fountain… the higher the plume, the louder the cheers!

 147B0207  147B0236

National Science Week once again proved to be very busy and will hopefully encourage our students to see science as an amazing world to be explored.

 IMG 3461

Thank you to all of the Science staff, technicians and students who help make this week such a success!

You can see more images from the week here in the gallery.

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