Friday, 23 March 2018 13:10

House Debating Competition

We were treated to a wonderful week of debates, showcasing Westholme at its finest. In a heated debate, where passions rose high, Longridge, William Harfield and Hebe Smith, fought for a ban on high-sugar energy drinks for under 16 year olds, ably countered by Yasmin Wright and Anna Stevens, representing Pendle.

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Arguments ranged through diabetes; effects on employment; the nanny state and supermarkets' choices, before finally settling on a victory in favour of the ban. We look forward to listening to Calder and Longridge debate tomorrow: 'Is the Winter Olympics a waste of money?' Team GB may have won five medals, but some say the cost is too high. What will Westholme decide?

On Wednesday we saw Bowland taking on Calder, debating whether the millions spent on Winter Olympics was a worthy investment. Calder, represented by Hasna Ghafoor and Joseph Martin, successfully argued that spending millions of pounds and gaining only five medals was not justified.

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Thursday saw the final of the House Debating Competition and we were treated to a wonderful spectacle of robust arguments and literary criticism. The motion was: This House believes that Severus Snape deserves to be forgiven. Longridge, represented by William Harfield, Alex Schofield and Eleanor Goodall, took on Calder (Joseph Martin, Alice Beveridge and Hasna Ghafoor). After an excellent array of speeches and convincing rebuttal, Calder were the victors. The audience Thank you to all the students that took part in the strong debates.voted in favour of Calder to prove that Westholme is indeed, a school that forgives!

Thank you to all the students that took part in the strong debates.

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