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This academic year marks the beginning of a very special and important journey in the lives of all Year 10 pupils as they embark on their GCSE studies. Several pupils have already experienced success in school examinations and now the opportunity arises for them to excel in external examinations. This year will emphasise the importance of hard work and the determination required to ensure a sense of achievement. The beginning of GCSEs is an opportunity for all pupils to leave the past behind and focus on the future so that they may celebrate their successes and feel truly proud of their results when the day arrives in 2019. This year will bring the challenges of managing both curricular and extra-curricular commitments and the importance of striking the balance between ‘work hard, play hard’ if they are to maintain a healthy mind and body as per the school motto.

Year 10 is a challenging time and as students, I know you are keen to achieve success and reach your full potential. You all understand the importance of hard work to enable you to be able to succeed in your chosen subjects at GCSE level. There is much support available and I would urge all of you to acknowledge this and take full advantage of all that is on offer. It is important that you, as GCSE pupils, recognise the need for leisure time and strike a balance between your academic studies and leisure time if you are to maintain a positive and healthy approach to your studies. The focus for the school year is about having a Growth Mindset and I would encourage you all to think of this when faced with the more challenging work required at GCSE level.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you over the next two years as your Head of Year and celebrating with you all of your successes both in and outside of school.

As a note to parents if you have any queries or concerns- I can be best reached via email moorea@westholmeschoool.com or alternatively contact me via the main switchboard.

Mrs Moore
Head of Year 10
Teacher of History, Geography and EPQ coordinator


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