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Classical Civilisation is the study of ancient Greece and Rome, their societies, cultures, religious beliefs, and entire mythology. Pupils can opt to study Classics at AS and A2 level, having been introduced to the subject briefly in Year 8 and 9 Latin.

Classics involves the study of a variety of literary genres, from some of histories most famous authors. The epic poetry of Homer, The Odyssey and The Iliad, the first pieces of Western literature, on which so much has been based ever since, allow pupils to encounter a world of fantasy and myth, where heroism and martial valour are prized above all other traits. The Trojan War is the root of the main part of ancient Greek and Roman literature, and it is from this theme that so many other texts are derived: pupils will study the comedies and tragedies by playwrights such as Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes, whom based their contexts on the Trojan War, giving us an insight into the origins of drama and how it has since developed.



The Life and Times of Cicero:
A critical study of Cicero’s career from 80 to 43 BC.

Homer Odyssey
A critical study of selected books of the Odyssey and the religious, cultural and social values implicit in the text.


Greek Tragedy
A critical study of four tragedies in their religious, cultural and social context: Sophocles, King Oedipus and Antigone, Euripides, Hippolytus and Medea.

Roman Epic
A critical study of selected books of the Aeneid in its religious, political, cultural and social context.


While the ancient world may seem remote and quite divorced from the problems of the present, the study of Ancient History can help students make sense of the world as it is today. The nature and impact of various cultural and religious developments, the responses of societies to complex social and economic challenges, the issues of justice, discrimination and violence were as much part of the ancient world as they are of ours. Therefore, pupils focus on cultures which seem alien, but are in fact more familiar than is expected. Classical Civilisation is a fascinating area of study, rich in wonderful stories of human endeavour, achievement and tragedy. The history of humankind from the very earliest times is part of everyone's heritage and the study of Classics ensures that this heritage is not lost.

Classics Trip to Rome, 2014

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